What our clients say about Eppley Court Reporting

“When I’m on trial, I always request a court reporter from Eppley Court Reporting. They provide me with a daily draft transcript – fast – an invaluable tool for preparing for the next day’s trial testimony. Within a couple of hours I have what I need. Their service is unsurpassed.”
Steve Armato, Partner
Cetrulo, LLP
Boston, Providence, New Haven, New York

“We depositions to experts in company litigation matters. Eppley Court Reporting has produced, without exception, completely accurate transcripts with a very fast turn-around. They also accommodate deposition requests on extremely short notice 100% of the time. We could not recommend them more highly.”
Bernie Guekguezian, Partner
Adler/Cohen/Harvey/Wakemen/Guekguezian LLP
Boston, Providence

“I’ve worked with Eppley Court Reporting for nearly 20 years. Lorene’s high standards for outstanding client service and reliability, complemented by timely and accurate reporting, have been instilled in all the professionals at Eppley Court Reporting. The firm is truly an industry leader.”
Paul E. Dwyer, Jr., Partner
Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP
Boston, Providence, Hartford, Stamford, Washington DC,
Chicago, Los Angeles, West Palm Beach

“Can I just take a minute and say how awesome you are and how all your court reporters are great. You really go the extra mile for everyone and make sure that we get stuff that we need, whether it’s a videographer or a speaker phone or an overnight rough draft or a conference call or a list of Dr. Abraham’s and Dr. Mark’s testimony from your database of transcripts. You’re accessible and respond immediately to emails and problems. And you follow-up on things with personal emails, which is great. You’re head and shoulders above all the other reporters that I’ve seen over the years.”
Christopher Meisenkothen, Partner
Early, Lucarelli, Sweeney & Meisenkothen, LLC
New Haven, CT

“I love working with Lorene because she pays attention to every detail in her business, and her clients love her for that. When I report for Eppley Court Reporting, I work for lawyers who appreciate a reporting firm that delivers excellence every time.”
Deanna Veinotte, RPR, CRR
Uxbridge, MA

“I am proud of the 15 years I’ve been associated with Eppley Court Reporting. Their reputation for outstanding client service means I’ve had the opportunity to work on many high-stakes trials, complex-litigation depositions, and the historic Guantánamo Bay detainee hearings.”
J. Edward Varallo, RMR, CRR
Worcester, MA